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Selling Your Business: Mastering Yourself and Mastering Your Business

Success in business depends on mastering the energy both within ourselves and within our businesses.

Mastery 3.0 – self mastery, business mastery and marketing mastery.

All of these levels of mastery hinge on one very important quality, we call it discernment, the ability to know one’s self and understand the repercussions of our choices.

Newtonian physics still functions in three dimensional time and space in the world as we know it. So knowing the cause and effect of my choices is very important.

When I understand the effects of my choices, and from that moral perspective of beginning to create a vision for my own personal life, for my family, for my workplace, I have a personal set of values, ethics that I live in the world. When I have that clear, I can then take that quality of discernment to the business that I created.

Now a business has its own five intelligences just as a human body does. There are the physical structures of the business – the state of the buildings and the assets of the business.

Then there’s the emotional intelligence of a business. What are the relationships like at every level of the business, with the employees, customers, shareholders and vendors? If those are all vibrant and healthy then you have got a great emotional IQ for your business.

You then look at the mental intelligence. Are there always leading-edge visionaries who are finding the new ways to compete and implement new projects within the business and integrate them in a healthy way?

Does the business have a clearly defined moral IQ, a set of values that it functions by?

And is it inspiring everybody that it touches with that vision?

And then the spiritual intelligence of the business is the relationship to the world that we live in and whether we are leaving it in a better or worse place than when we found it.

One thing I find with business owners is that, once they sell their business, they feel they have somewhat neglected what you would define as the spiritual, and they are looking to make the world a better place. So quite frequently they get involved in philanthropy, mentoring or charity activities, or they start or contribute to a not-for-profit or a foundation. So this may be one of the out of balance elements for many business owners.

And it’s a little confusing teasing out moral and spiritual. A lot of what you just described, I would really qualify as moral intelligence, creating foundations, doing mentoring, that’s really functional. The spiritual becomes a little more esoteric.

From a business perspective, our spiritual intelligence is how we integrate into the world around us.

If you look at the campuses of certain successful businesses, they’re beautiful; the energy flows, they have vitality to them.

Part of that is the physical structure but there’s also attention to what I call that hidden spiritual arena of life. You can call it a natural feng shui.

So, how does this all work with self, business and marketing mastery?

I believe business is going to be leading the vanguard of evolution and transformation on our planet.

For example, we already see that many consumers are interested in a more holistic, natural, green way of being in their lives. They don’t want to give up the luxuries and the necessities of a modern life, but they want to do it in a conscious way. And I call them conscious consumers.

The old ways of marketing and selling do not work with this class of people, so businesses have to come up with unique ways to market to them.

So when I talk about marketing mastery, I’m talking about the businesses which have an understanding of who their perfect customer is and how to reach them in interesting, fun, and innovative ways.

I believe that in the next five to ten years, businesses will not only be selling products but they’re going to be helping people in society itself transform their lives, and the marketing that we do is also going to be transformative.